Terms of Service

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Coffee Nowhere, our products and services!

We have introduced these Business Terms and Conditions so that we can remain focused on serving you better through continuously improving our various products and services.

We like to have your time to read this document in its entirety and your cooperation in observing these Terms and Conditions.



Subscription Services: Monthly Plans

Our subscription services are organised to monthly valuable packages in quarters manner for greater savings and exciting delicious coffee, depending on monthly packages to choose and the amount of beans you order per month, we are committed providing you with such services for the amount of beans over the schedule dates and greater savings in longevity supply.

Alteration of subscriptions

We can’t alter your subscription in case of the following: (non-refundable)

(a) Increase of bags per month. (A separate purchase is required, or a cancellation is require with 6hrs from purchased and re-purchased to be done again.)

(b) Change of types of beans due to wrong selection. (a cancellation is require within 6hrs from purchased and follow by a re-ordering).

Please contact us should you require any of the above alterations to your subscription.

Starter Kits

We provide starter kits of coffee brewing essentials to get you started on your coffee discovery journey. To help you get started, we have given you substantial discounts off retail price from the beans you choose to brew with. (Applied discount)


Subscription Services:

All payments are to be made online via credit card only. To make payment, please follow the instructions set out on the relevant checkout page.


Please note that, in the case of a selection error, which must be promptly notified to us within 6 hours of the transaction, we will not attend to any requests for refunds after 6hours.


Monthly Subscription Services:

We will deliver the coffee beans on the weekly dated basis of every month subject to your purchase date subscription chosen. Please let us know shall there be any special request* on the time of delivery at the column space provided before making payment, again there is no guarantee but our co-ordinator will do our best to meet your request with a make call.


Should you wish to cancel your Monthly Services, you can do so via writing / contacting us. The balance outstanding weight of coffee beans shall be shipped to you on the next delivery scheduled date.

Please note that shall there be any request for immediate cancellation for the week, it shall be notify before 3 days in advance of the week delivery of order and we will only be able to postpone the delivery in the next delivery date.


These Business Terms and Conditions shall form part of the contractual arrangement between Coffee Nowhere and the customer named on each confirmed order. The customer is deemed to have accepted these Business Terms and Conditions by his/her positive indication while completing his/her order.


These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all customers from the date of purchase.