Why Coffee Nowhere?

At Coffee Nowhere, we source our green beans and roast. As it’s our profession, our love of coffee, we want to aim and display it can be delivered, brew, consume at anywhere with any brewing kit close to you.  It’s so matters to us so much it matters to you.

We would love and hope everyone get to enjoy a good cup of coffee daily at anywhere.

It has been 3 years that we started Coffee Nowhere, and we have to say, it’s really an amazing journey of excellence, with the taste of various single origins, roasted by our passionate coffee roasters in Malaysia.

As we roast the delicious coffee beans, you can either brew or learn to brew with us (brewing class available).

Any specific, suitable brewing method?

Any brew method is fine. We know good coffee will taste good in any brewing methods.

The question we get, what is best and simplest and yet enjoy good coffee. Portable and convenient we recommend you to fetch an Aero Press with you. Alternatively French Press.

As for espresso milk base, which is most probably many of us preferred, try them with a double risetto shall you want the extra boldness (body) as we roast them medium-dark (blend), light roast for single origin.

I heard of roast dates being important for coffee?

That’s true. Coffee starts to taste good from the 6-14th day of roasting date, depending very much on the beans. We work very closely with our coffee roasters for the roast date arrangements. We recommend best to consume within 30days from date of roast.

How does the monthly subscription works?

We bill all monthly subscriptions on the date of purchase upon confirming. You save more when you plan to buy more. You can choose a combination of 3 types in a year to enjoy great savings.

You can’t cancel your subscription via our portal. There you get to enjoy great coffees with greater savings and your coffee journey has be routed.

So how much is the shipping fee?

It’s FREE SHIPPING within Singapore with a subscription!

Will there be any deliveries to overseas besides Singapore?

We currently ship to Singapore, Johor, Malacca (Melaka), Penang (Pulau Pinang) and Kuala Lumpur.

We are shipping to Brunei and Indonesia as well in time to come. International members are recommended to subscribe Monthly Subscription only.  Delivery rates will be advise accordingly in due time.

How do you ship my coffee pack?

We will have a local delivery services sent to your door step.

How do I contact Coffee Nowhere? Do you have a physical store that I can purchase at?

You can write us an message here or give us a call +65 9657 0287.

You can visit the physical store at Coffee Nowhere. Here’s the full address

154 West Coast Plaza
West Coast Road B1-06
Singapore 127371

I don’t know which subscription should I choose?

You may like to check how much are you paying and how many cups of coffee you are consuming in each month. This will give you a budget of money spent on coffee beans each month. You can enjoy delicious coffee within your budget and with greater savings in the subscription provided and schedule for.

How many cups can I make with 250grams?

Brew Coffee:
14grams – 18 grams, : 250grams: 13 cups

Espresso Brew:
Single shot 7-10grams : 250 grams : 25 cups

Double shot 14-18grams : 250grams : 13 cups

Could you grind the beans for me?

Sure, We have this service provided, shall you want to ground your whole beans. But we highly recommend you to have your own grinder to contain it’s aroma, flavour and freshness.

We did lots of test and we found out, coffee ground go stale in days whereas whole beans still taste great at 40th day after roast date. A grinder does make a difference.

May I know the packing sizes for each delivery, for 2kg, 1kg, 500grams for subscription plan?

With understanding, to contain the freshness of each coffee beans, we believe in packing them small bags in 250grams.

We have the service provided, shall you want to ground your whole beans.


We think coffee should have caffeine in it. It’s good for you. We all have been having loads of it for awhile yet still feel pretty awesome.

When does Coffee Nowhere roast?

We have an independent roaster, Coffee Nowhere Roastery in Johor, Malaysia. Roasting is a daily routine excluding weekends and public holidays.

We have the benefit of having three different sized roasters (1kg, 4kg, 13kg) so we can batch roast exactly what we need for that day. No coffee will leave us older than the previous roast.

Our aim

If you place your order before 0700hrs, it is our aim that your order will be processed and dispatched on that working day.

We will aim to dispatch any order that comes in up until 1200hrs and send it out on that working day.

None of this can be guaranteed. Coffee Nowhere cannot be held responsible for operational issues and delays.

I want to send it as a gift to my friend. Can you do that?

No problem. We ship it straight to your loved ones too. Provide us with the delivery details.

Do you have a term of service and privacy policy?

Yes. Here’s our page for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Refund Policy in under the second part of Terms of Service.