Our coffee beans are sourced from around the globe, bringing you the finest selection.


We roast it in our roastery because roasting is probably the single most important factor influencing the flavor of coffee. We roast it to perfection.


Our beans are packed and delivered in a timely manner ensuring the best quality, freshest possible coffee reaches you at the right moment.


Simply enjoy the coffee at your own time and comfort. We even have a brew guide readily available online for your easy reference.


Available in 250g / 500g / 1000g / 2000g

Single Origin or Blend

Starting from S$16.00

Special offer on brewing apparatus


Available in 3 / 6 / 12 months

Single Origin or Blend

Starting from S$23.00

Special offer on brewing apparatus


With lots of passion in roasting from our coffee roaster and with the vast experience since 2010 supplying to various successful cafes in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. With burning PASSION, it heaped to roast for competitions for 2014, 2015, 2016 Malaysia and Singapore, resulting with rankings from 5th place to top 16. Overall we believe together with our roaster and aim to roast the best flavors out of the coffee just for you.


We believe coffee should be consume in anywhere parts of the world, which means we source for our green beans from parts of the world having them to be roasted and delivered. They are definitely worth savoring, and you should definitely start drinking fresh awesome
coffee, it’s yummilious!


Victoria Lim

Gave my daddy a wonderful surprise with coffee!!

With the assurance and faith given, conducting the brewing classes at $10 and sampling at your retail space allows me to give my daddy a little birthday surprise with a subscription of 6 months supply of coffee beans. I also noticed a special discounted rate for a bag of 250grams to 2000grams of coffee, to 3 to 12 months plans for greater savings and convenience.

I have started to enjoy greater savings with greater amount purchase for 6months to enjoy good fresh coffee with my daddy. Value for the price.

Also it is truly a hidden GEM in the west Clementi that have both quality food and coffee at a very reasonable priced.

Hope to see you in the CBD area real soon.


Great discovery once again!

- Senior Finance Officer, GE

Laurence A.Beaupré

I got my coffee beans ground and deliveried!

Got myself a french press and bag of coffee beans through the on-line portal and delivered to my campus nearby. Easy yet simple 🙂

Thank you for the "Learn to Brew" workshop @ West coast plaza which gave me the confidence to purchase delicious coffee and learn to brew better rather than I get sitted neither hooked nor perked on what to do next.

By the way,  you served the best Eggs with Croissants, (Butter Crois) that I have ever ate in Singapore.

- NUS Student, Canadian

Rebekah Dilzenberger

I want to be a barista too!

Coffee Nowhere is a quality cafe - it is quiet, cosy, offers nice dood and drinks, and is not overly priced. IT is comfortable and the employees are kind 🙂 I really do love it here with my mates around. Thank you Coffee Nowhere for bringing it to west coast plaza - Clementi rocks !


Joash Lee

New hidding place!

My boss and colleagues loves this place so much, that I have to come and take a look personally. Here are my recommendations and ratings if you think is worth the try!

The warmness of the lightings, brew bar, high platforms with comfortable cushions sofa seatings, iMac, photocopier to print that really amazes me for public usage. "Oh Gosh, where to find? " My favorite seat (number 25 & 26) with books to keep me occupy.

1. Ambience: 4.5/5 , Warmth, cosy, great working space too.
2. Coffee:  4/5, Great, I love the mocha coffee.
3. Foodie: 4/5, Brunch Now here!
4. Service: 4/5, Smily service staffs.
5. Brew Bar: 5/5, Workshops available from $10. Glad that I have signed up.

~ Corporate Communications Executive at Aetos Holdings


Victor Goh

Order online and my coffee beans will be deliveried to my office!!!

My wife got 2 bags of 250grams of coffee ground and a french-press for me at my favorite coffee place. And with little help, the barista shared the on-line platform to her as an alternative route to her purchase and discount savings. It's was ground and delivered to my office by surprised within 3 days.

Whichever suits me, the barista recommended her not to ground the coffee, which it will losses its flavour and aroma in due time. Something that I never gave a thought before. However, I prefer them ground as usual which my wife knows me best.

Well, with my occupation, I need my coffee daily and I do appreciate my wife and the service crew that they care for my coffee fix. Well Done CNH!

I believe in their coffee is the far most the best I had.

Thank you my beloved wife and Coffee NowHere!

~ Business Owner, Accountant

Brew Guides

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